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Umbilical Cord Cell Collection

Many patients consider saving stem cells from the placenta at the time of the birth of their child.  These cells can be stored and used at a later date should the need arise.  Fortunately, this need is rare.  Those stem cells can often be used by siblings or, more rarely, by parents of the donor, if the cells are compatible.  

If you would like more information on stem cell collection, please visit the web sites of the companies that provide the service.  There used to be only 3 or 4 companies- now there are many.  Most families have used LifeBank, CryoCell, Viacord, or CBR, but now there are many to chose from.  Please search for "umbilical cord stem cell collection" or similar search words.  

What is done?  After the baby is born, but before the placenta is delivered, blood is drawn from the umbilical cord in sterile fashion and prepared for shipping by your practitioner (me).  Blood is drawn, as well, from the patient (you).  Of course, nothing is free.  The companies generally charge $1800-2000 initially, and then there is an annual fee of about $125.  There is a fee that we charge, as well, for the collection and preparation of the cord blood (and tissue if you chose to send that as well).  Most of the companies pick up our office fee so that you don't have to pay it.  Please check with the company that you chose (as well as with our office manager) to see if 'your' company has made arrangements to pay us for the service.  Otherwise, you will be billed  $300 by our office.  Insurance companies typically do not pay for stem cell collection.  It is considered an elective procedure.

Stem Cell Collection​